Regarding the issue about "4★[Crimson Tempest] Ais Wallenstein" 【12/27(Thu) 4:23 (PST) Update】

Thank you for playing "DanMachi MEMORIA FREESE".

From 12/20(Thu) 18:00 (PST) we have reports that "★4[Crimson Tempest] Ais Wallenstein" has an issue.

■ Issue Details

The skills of "★4[Crimson Tempest] Ais Wallenstein", "Special Arts[Fleur Lil Rafaga]" and "Combat Skill[Blast of Pain]" have unintended effects.

To fix this issue we need to update our app to the applicable store, and it may take us time.
We will be changing event schedules due to this issue.

Regarding this issue, as an apology, we will be distributing 400 Iris to everyone who used the corresponding gacha events from 12/20(Thu) 18:00 (PST) up until this notice has been posted at a later date.

【12/27(Thu) 4:23 (PST) Update】
We have distributed 'Iris x400' at 12/20(Thu) 18:00 (PST) to players who have used the corresponding gacha before this news was posted.
Please receive the items from the Present List.

A required update is scheduled at 1/3(Thu) 17:00 (PST) after we receive an update approval from each app stores on planned date of 1/2(Wed).

We are fixing an issue with an unintended skill effect which increases the skill's attack damage per 'each Target's Elemental Resist Reduction Skill' to a correct skill effect which only counts 'each Target's M.Resist Reduction Skill'.

※Details of 4★[Crimson Tempest] Ais Wallenstein's skills 'Blast of Pain' and 'Fleur Lil Rafaga'
※Please see [Other(A gear-shaped icon on the top right in Orario) > Help > Quest > Unit's State(Buff/Debuff)] to check the Elemental and Magic Resist (M.Resist).

We will announce the date for the update as soon as it is decided. We would like to ask for your patience and understanding meanwhile.

■ Corresponding Gacha Events

・New Year 4★ Gtd. 11 Draw Ticket Gacha
・New Year's Sale Battle: Rich Gacha
・[Paid] New Year's Sale Battle Gacha
・[Paid] New Year's Sale Battle: Crimson Tempest Gacha
・[Paid] New Year's Sale Battle: Blustering Beauty Gacha
・[Paid] New Year's Sale Battle: Geisha Elf Gacha
・[Paid] New Year's Sale Battle: Blushing Peony Gacha
・[Paid] New Year's Sale Battle: Camellia Kimono Gacha
・[Paid] New Year's Sale Battle: Festive Blade Gacha

We will let users know about the progress of the amendments and rescheduled event dates.
【12/26(Wed) 22:00 (PST) Update】
The skill description that appears during the battle sequence for the unit above had incorrect information.
※Correct information is shown in the Gacha Details and the Unit Details.

The issue has already been fixed with the correct description.
Please login to the game again from the Title Screen to fix the issue.

Incorrect:[Carmine Blaze] [Foes] Hi Fire M.Attack w/temp Mag. Boost & M.Resist-25%/2 turns
Correct:[Carmine Blaze] [Foes] Mid Fire M.Attack w/temp Mag. Boost & M.Resist-25%/2 turns

Once again, we would like to express our sincerest apologies to all players and everyone involved.
Thank you for your continued support of "DanMachi MEMORIA FREESE".