(JP) 4.5 Year Anniversary Free Daily Gacha Available!


■Event Period

01/13(Thu) 07:00 〜 01/27(Thu) 06:59 (PST)


A Free Daily Gacha Campaign is available
to celebrate the (JP)4.5 Year Anniversary!

During the period above, you can draw a Gacha for free one time, every single day!
※Draws are reset every day at midnight.

1 Draw Gacha

Rank Adventurer Assist
2★ 54% 28%
3★ 10% 5%
4★ 2% 1%
1 Draw Gacha Unit List
  1. The Gacha Unit Rate is truncated to 4 decimal places.
  2. More than one of the same Unit may be obtained from Gacha. When obtained, you will earn each Unit's Bond.
  3. Units that have a "★" symbol below "Hero Ascension Unlocked" have already been unlocked for Hero Ascension.

Thank you for your continued support of "DanMachi MEMORIA FREESE".