Seventh Zone Available!



11/24(Wed) 18:00 〜 12/07(Tue) 19:59 (PST)


High difficulty event Seventh Zone is available!
Seventh Zone specializes in Elemental battles!
The enemies that appear not only have element weaknesses but also strong resist traits.

The number and type of appearing enemies change with each opening.
Monsters of various elements/types will appear, and you can battle efficiently by using an advantage of elemental attacks!

Clear the event to get the ascension materials Sharp Carbonado and Ultramafic Rock which are needed for Equipment Ascension!

Stamina is not consumed, so challenge the event as much as you like while it's on!
You can play Seventh Zone from Quest > Other.

■Unlocked Stages

The following 4 zones are unlocked in this time's Seventh Zone.
Zone Type Occurrences Turn Limit Period (PST)
Fire Zone Fantasma Multiple 20 turns 11/24(Wed) 18:00 〜 11/30(Tue) 19:59 (PST)
Wind Zone Dragon Multiple 20 turns 11/24(Wed) 18:00 〜 11/30(Tue) 19:59 (PST)
Earth Zone Fantasma Multiple 20 turns 12/01(Wed) 18:00 〜 12/07(Tue) 19:59 (PST)
Thunder Zone Sky Multiple 20 turns 12/01(Wed) 18:00 〜 12/07(Tue) 19:59 (PST)

■About the Score

To make the event exciting, there is a scoring system for the Seventh Zone.
The score is recorded for each element during the event.
Competitive Ranking Score will be displayed on the Battle Results and
there will also be Personal High Score Missions you can get on by increasing your personal high score!

Keep on playing after clearing it for the first time to get rewards and upgrade your Equipment!

The battle score is calculated by factors below:

Default Score This score is calculated by the damage given to enemies in a battle.
※Damage over an enemy's total HP isn't included in the calculation.
Battle Turn Bonus The turns you took to defeat the enemy.
Less turn means higher score.
Maximum Damage Bonus The maximum damage dealt in a turn.
The higher the damage, the higher the bonus score.
Total Received Damage Bonus The total amount of damage received in a battle.
The lower the damage, the higher the bonus score.

■About the Ranking

A Ranking where you can compete with the score you earned for each zone is available!
Aim for the top of each zone's Ranks to get the materials necessary for Equipment Ascension and items like Valis and Whetstone as well!
Plus, you can also earn Mystic Bellows and Secret Hammer!

■About Rewards

There are First Time Clear, Personal High Score, and Ranking Reward.
First Time Clear Reward This can only be received on the first time you clear a stage during the open period.
You can receive it after clearing.
Personal High Score Reward Rewards will be given depending on the Personal High Score recorded. This can only be received for the first time.
You can receive it from the Mission Screen.
Ranking Reward You will receive rewards based on your final Ranking.
Rewards will be sent to your Present List accordingly after the final rank has been decided.

  1. If the battle was delayed and ended 10 minutes or later after the closing time of the event, your score will not be updated or reflected.
  2. Rewards for the Ranking will be given after the final rank has been decided.
  3. It may take a few days from the closing time of the event for the final Ranking to be decided.
  4. You will not be able to return to the battle if your application was disconnected or closed during that battle.
  5. Find more details on the Seventh Zone by tapping the How to Play button on the Seventh Zone Screen.

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