About the Ver. 12.2.0 Update

The update on 08/24(Tue) (PST) will include the additional data below.

・Title Screen updated.
・New Event data added.
・Voice data added to non-voiced content.

■Added Functions, Resolved Issues, & Improvements.
・New feature: Memoria added.
・Monthly Missions added *08/31 18:00 (PST)〜
・An automatically-renewed monthly paid service: Syr's Daily Lunch Box Set and Hostess of Fertility Full Course added to the shop *08/31 18:00 (PST)〜
・Party will now be saved on server.
※Even if you clear the cache your parties won't be deleted.
・Max Followers increased to 150.
・Fixed: True Familia Royale party screen display issue.
・Other minor issues and display issues fixed.

■About the Update to the Terms of Service and the Privacy Policy

We are updating the Terms of Service and the Privacy Policy with Ver. 12.2.0 for the Premium Service Subscriptions.
A confirmation screen will appear the first time you launch the app after the update.
You can continue playing the game after agreeing to the above.
※Please do not worry as data has not been reset when this screen appears.

※Image is from the Japanese version.

Part 2 Aedes Vesta -Full Moon- Voices Added

With the Ver. 12.2.0 update, voices have been added to the Great Tale Aedes Vesta -Full Moon-, Units from Aedes Vesta -Full Moon- Gacha, (JP)1500 Days Anniversary Gacha and so on!

■Procedures for Playing the Voiced Stories

After updating, you will see the "Voices Added!" display on the event banner in the Quest screen.
By downloading the voice data from the Add Voice button on the left side of the event screen, you will be able to play the story voices.

※The images are from the Japanese version.
※If you have already played the event, please note that the event voices will not be played by default after the update.

Introducing the New Feature ① Memoria


New growth feature Memoria is here! You can strengthen all party members, including sub-members.
You can set up to 3 Memorias per party.
※Please see here for details on Memoria.

Introducing the New Feature ② Monthly Mission


Monthly Mission that gets updated every month is here!
Clear the missions and get Iris, Memoria Aether, and so on.
※Please see here for more details on Monthly Mission.

*The image is from the Japanese version.

Introducing the New Feature ③Syr's Daily Lunch Box Set and Hostess of Fertility Full Course


2 Premium Service Subscriptions are available in DanMemo!
This is a monthly paid service with various rewards that gets renewed automatically.
You can try the first month for free!
See here for more details.

※An update will be required on 08/25(Wed)17:00 (PST).
When an Update is required, the application will start downloading the data when [Tap to Start] is tapped on the Title Screen.
If Hero Charms or Orbs to unlock Quests are used during the Update, the downloading time may interfere with the time the Quest is unlocked. Please be aware of this when using Hero Charms or Orbs during this time.
※A Wi-Fi environment is recommended when updating.
※If the update was unable to be properly downloaded due to your environment, please try reinstalling the application through the following steps.
Other > Data Import > Data Import Setting
Please save your data import code and password somewhere if you use them to import data.

We will continue to add and improve functions and resolve any issues.
Thank you for your continued support of "DanMachi MEMORIA FREESE".