Great Tale Aedes Vesta -Full Moon- Available!



07/14(Wed) 18:00 〜 09/08(Wed) 21:59 (PST)


Great Tale Aedes Vesta -Full Moon- is available!
By clearing quests, you can earn 400 Iris!

■What is a Great Tale?

A Great Tale is an event in which you can enjoy an original, long story.

■Postponement of Voice Implementation

For the new Aedes Vesta -Full Moon- Units, due to the effects of coronavirus disease, no voices have been implemented.
We are planning to add voices in an update this August when preparations are complete.
Please see here for more details.
Thank you for your understanding.

Get 400 Iris by Clearing All Quests!

You can earn 400 Iris by clearing the last Aedes Vesta -Full Moon- Quest on VH.

Gather Event Items and Exchange them in the Exchange Shop!

Collect drop items such as Jester Flames, Comedic Flames, and Heroic Flames and exchange them for luxurious items such as Hero Medals, Flame Amulets, and Gnome Tickets.
You can also get up to 3 4★ Gtd. Tickets!

There are three stages of difficulty: Normal, Hard and Very Hard.
You can earn more event items in higher difficulty Quests.
※Event Items will not drop from Quest 2-1, 2-17, and 2-24.
You can also use strong Supports in all difficulties.

There is a (low) chance of earning "Hero Falna" during Quest 2-25 "Heroic Reflame"!

■About Weapon Materials

In this time's Event Gacha, you can acquire Sunlight Gem needed to craft weapons!
Equipment Required Material Corresponding Unit
Flamberge of Sun Sunlight Gem x4
Gold Ore x5
※It is possible to equip the above equipment with other Units, however it will show its true potential when the corresponding Unit equips it.

※Crafting can be unlocked by clearing Bell Episode 21-9 To The Middle Floors.
※You can earn Gold Ore from Crafting Quests!

Collect Crescent Moon Medals!

By collecting the monster drop item Crescent Moon Medals, you can draw for luxurious items such as a 4★ Gtd. Ticket and CP Up items from Box of Hope!

Please see here for Box of Hope details.

You can earn more Crescent Moon Medals in higher difficulty Quests.

Clear Time-ltd Missions and Earn Useful Items!

Time-ltd Missions have been added with the opening of Aedes Vesta -Full Moon-!
You can earn items such as Potato Snacks from the Time-ltd Missions!

The following daily missions will end at 08/12(Thu) 06:59 (PST). Please note.
[Daily] Clear an Aedes Vesta -Full Moon- Quest x1
[Daily] Clear an Aedes Vesta -Full Moon- Quest x2
[Daily] Clear an Aedes Vesta -Full Moon- Quest x3

Quadruple Player EXP Points Campaign!

You can earn four times more Player EXP Points than regular tales by clearing Aedes Vesta -Full Moon-!
Don't miss this chance to raise your Player Rank!

  1. The Exchange shop will be open until 09/15(Wed) 21:59 (PST).
    Please be aware that you will not be able to exchange your Jester Flames, Comedic Flames, or Heroic Flames after this period.
  2. Box of Hope will be open until 09/15(Wed) 21:59 (PST).
    You will not be able to use Crescent Moon Medals after this period.

Thank you for your continued support of "DanMachi MEMORIA FREESE".