3 Days Limited! Start-Dash Pack For Sale!



Within 3 days from the start of a new game.


You can purchase Start-Dash Pack within 3 days of starting a new game!

Earn 4★ Ad. Ticket to exchange with 4★ Adventurer Unit of your choice and Start-Dash 11 Draw Ticket to draw the 11 Draw Gacha from the pack!

One purchase per person only; you can purchase the pack for 400 Paid Iris.
Don't miss this chance!


4★ Ad. Ticket x1
Start-Dash 11 Draw Ticket x1
・Exchangeable 4★ Adventurer Units List

・For Start-Dash 11 Draw Ticket Gacha, see here. Notes
  1. 4★ Ad. Ticket and Start-Dash 11 Draw Ticket are valid for 30 days from the date of receipt.
    You can check the expiration date in [Other > Inventory > Consumable].
    You will not be able to use 4★ Ad. Ticket or Start-Dash 11 Draw Ticket after 30 days from the date of receipt.
  2. Lineup for the Exchange and Start-Dash 11 Draw Ticket Gacha may be subject to change.
  3. Units obtained from Exchange and Ticket Gacha are still locked for Hero Ascension.
  4. More than one of the same Unit may be obtained from Gacha. When obtained, you will earn each Unit's Bond.

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