About the Ver. 12.0.0 Update


■[Important] Regarding Update Download Data
Right after updating to Ver. 12.0.0 on iOS devices, a large first-time download file size of about 1.1 GB will occur.

While downloading this data, a Game Download Error message may display, severing the connection.

※Image is from the Japanese version.
Should the above error appear, please wait until it automatically returns to the title screen or try restarting the app and begin the download again.
Additionally, if you run into display issues after updating, restarting the app may solve this problem.
We apologize for this inconvenience and ask for your cooperation and understanding.

As a token of our appreciation, all players will be sent the following present.
■Present Details
Iris x50
You may collect it from your Present List.

Ver. 12.0.0 Update

The update on 06/16(Wed) (PST) will include the additional data below.

・Title Screen and BGM updated.
・New event data added.

■Added Functions, Resolved Issues, & Improvements
・Skip Ticket implemented
・New Assist feature: Instant Effect implemented
・Tweet button implemented in the gacha results screen
・Changed the lineup for the Rookie Gacha during the tutorial from 3★ or greater Adventurers to 4★ or greater Adventurers
・Other minor issues and display issues fixed

New Function① Quest Skip

With a Skip Ticket, you can instantly clear a quest you have S cleared before.
※Images are from the Japanese version.
◆Skip Ticket
A ticket that lets you instantly clear a quest you have S cleared before.
Once a day, you can get 5 by logging in.
※Tickets collected on that day can only be used on that day.
◆Skip Ticket Assist Ticket
A ticket that lets you instantly clear a quest you have S cleared before.
※Does not expire.
※Once a day, 5 Skip Tickets will be given to you upon login, and will reset at 00:00 every day.
※You cannot get Unit Lv. when using a Skip Ticket to clear a quest.
※Player EXP, Valis, Drop Items, and CP can be earned as normal.
※Quests where Skip Tickets can be used are listed below.
No. Quest Name
1 Main Story
2 Falna Quest
3 Exilia Quest
4 Crafting Quest
5 Valis Quest
6 Once a Day Quest
7 Tale
8 Heroic Trials

New Function② New Assist Feature: Instant Effect

※Images are from the Japanese version.

When an Adventurer Unit is attacked while there is an Assist Unit with Instant Effect, Instant Effect will be activated before taking damage, giving you various advantages in battle.
4★[Goddess Of Salvation] Hestia, which you can get from the (JP)4th Anniversary Event also has Instant Effect, so don't miss this chance to try it out!

※An update will be required on 06/17(Thu)17:00 (PST).
When an Update is required, the application will start downloading the data when [Tap to Start] is tapped on the Title Screen.
If Hero Charms or Orbs to unlock Quests are used during the Update, the downloading time may interfere with the time the Quest is unlocked.
Please be aware of this when using Hero Charms or Orbs during this time.
※A Wi-Fi environment is recommended when updating.
※If the update was unable to be properly downloaded due to your environment, please try reinstalling the application through the following steps.
Other > Data Import > Data Import Setting
Please save your data import code and password somewhere if you use them to import data.

We will continue to add and improve functions and resolve any issues.
Thank you for your continued support of "DanMachi MEMORIA FREESE".