Tale: Is It Wrong to try to Roleplay in a Dungeon? Available!



04/28(Wed) 18:00 ~ 05/26(Wed) 21:59 (PST)


Tale: Is It Wrong to Try to Roleplay in a Dungeon? available!

You can earn 4★[Divine Spirit] Hestia and [Divine Spirit] Bond as rewards for clearing quests!
Earn luxurious items by going around the stages collecting items!

■What is a Tale?

A Tale is an event in which you can enjoy an original, fully voiced, long-form story.

Aim to Max. Limit Break 4★[Divine Spirit] Hestia by clearing all Quests!

By clearing all quests on Very Hard, you can earn a maximum of x5 [Divine Spirit] Bond!

By using the up to x5 [Divine Spirit] Bond, you can Limit Break 4★[Divine Spirit] Hestia.
Status will increase greatly when you Limit Break Units.

※Please note that 4★[Divine Spirit] Hestia that you can get from this event does not have an outfit you can change into from [Interact>Outfit].

Gather Event Items and Exchange them in the Exchange Shop!

Collect drop items such as Healing-like Herbs, Tough-looking Things, and Keys to Somewhere and exchange them for luxurious items such as Hero Medal, Flame Amulet, Hero Light, and Gnome Tickets.

There are three stages of difficulty: Normal, Hard and Very Hard.
You can earn more event items in higher difficulty Quests.
You can also use strong Supports in all difficulties.

There is a low drop rate for Hero Falna during Quest 1-25 Behold the Demon King!

Collect Hero Tokens!

By collecting the monster drop item Hero Token, you can draw for luxurious items such as a 3★+ Gtd. Ticket and CP Up items from Hero Hestia's Coffer!

Please see here for the Hero Hestia's Coffer details.

You can earn more Hero Tokens in higher difficulty Quests.

Clear Time-ltd Missions and Earn Useful Items!

Time-ltd Missions have been added with the opening of Is It Wrong to try to Roleplay in a Dungeon?! You can earn items such as Potato Snacks from the Time-ltd Missions!

  1. The Exchange shop will be open until 06/02(Wed) 21:59 (PST).
    Please be aware that you will not be able to exchange your Healing-like Herbs, Tough-looking Things, or Keys to Somewhere after this period.
  2. Hero Hestia's Coffer will be open until 06/02(Wed) 21:59 (PST).
    You will not be able to use Hero Tokens after this period.
  3. You can earn 50 Seiros by selling [Divine Spirit] Bond, but you will not be able to earn any Dulbs.

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