Episodes 7-8 Added to Main Story!


Ep. 7-8 Added to the Main Story!

Episodes 7 and 8 have been added to the Sword Oratorio Episode!

These new episodes feature stories from DanMachi On the Side - Sword Oratoria Volume 5 onward, not yet seen in the anime.
Find out what happens next after the last episodes of Ais and Lefiya!
New episodes Ep.7-8 available soon!
※The story will be the same as the previously released Tale: Turbulent Shore Rondo.

※New episodes can be unlocked by clearing Lefiya Ep.1-8, To Cadmus Spring 2.

Earn an 11 Draw Ticket for the New Gacha from Time Limited Missions!

Clear Ep. 8 within 2 weeks from the time added, and a Time-ltd Mission will appear where you can earn an On the Side 11 Draw Ticket Ep.7-8!
Schedule Mission Details Prize
04/21(Wed) 18:00 〜 05/06(Thu) 06:59 (PST) Clear New Chapter 8-3 x1 (N) On the Side 11 Draw Ticket Ep.7-8 x1

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