[Limited Time] (US) 3rd Year Anniversary Exchange Available!


(US) 3rd Anniversary Exchange is available!

(US) 3rd Anniversary Exchange is available for a limited time!


04/07(Wed) 18:00 〜 12/31(Fri) 06:59(PST)
※The exchange is open until 12/31(Fri) 06:59(PST)
but the event where you can earn Medals is only open until 04/29(Thu) 06:59(PST).

■About (US) 3rd Anniversary Exchange

You can exchange the (US) 3rd Anniversary Medal with various items at the time-limited (US) 3rd Anniversary Exchange.
The Exchange lineup includes Weapon Upgrade items, CP Up items,
and even Hero Medals, Flame Amulets, and 4★ Gtd. 11 Draw Ticket. Don't miss these exuberant items!

The (US) 3rd Anniversary Exchange can be accessed from
the Special Exchange button on the Shop screen.
Collect (US) 3rd Anniversary Medal and exchange them for your favorite items!
※Due to the limited number of (US) 3rd Anniversary Medals that can be earned,
not all items can be exchanged.

■About (US) 3rd Anniversary Medal

The (US) 3rd Anniversary Medal can be earned from Time-Limited Missions,
and a maximum of 5800 can be earned.
Time-Limited Missions are added for Tale and Record Buster events.
Some of them are Daily Missions, too!

The amount of (US) 3rd Anniversary Medals
owned can be checked in Other (Top-right Gear Icon in Orario)
> Inventory > Special Items.

Collect (US) 3rd Anniversary Medal by playing everyday!

■List of Conditions for Earning the (US) 3rd Anniversary Medal

Please see the (US) 3rd Anniversary Medal earning condition details below.
It can be viewed in the Time-ltd tab in the Guild's Mission screen.
Earning Condition Details

■(US) 3rd Anniversary Exchange Lineup

Please see the lineup details below for details on the exchange lineup.
Lineup Details

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