Is It Wrong that You Can Get All the 4★ Hestia? Campaign


■Event Period

07/30(Thu) 07:00 〜 12/31(Thu) 06:59 (PST)


As a big thank you from DanMemo on our (JP)3rd Anniversary, it is our pleasure to announce that the Is It Wrong that You Can Get All the 4★ Hestia? Campaign is available!

As the name implies, simply log in to get all of the 4★ Hestia that have appeared in DanMemo so far!
※It does not include Time-ltd Units.
※The present will be distributed one unit per day as a login bonus during the period.
※If you already have a Unit, you will earn that Unit's bond.

Present content as follows.
Unit Name
1st Day 4★[Celebration Goddess] Hestia
2nd Day 4★[Part-time Goddess] Hestia
3rd Day 4★[Paradise Mood] Hestia
4th Day 4★[All Abroad] Hestia
5th Day 4★[Ceremonial Flame] Hestia
6th Day 4★[Sacred Fire] Hestia
7th Day 4★[Moonlight Reunion] Hestia
8th Day 4★[Pajama Goddess] Hestia
9th Day 4★[Wedding Wish] Hestia
10th Day 4★[Azure Goddess] Hestia
11th Day 4★[Yellow Bird] Hestia
12th Day 4★[Swimsuit Contest] Hestia
13th Day 4★[Adventurer's Set] Hestia
14th Day 4★[Pasture Goddess] Hestia

Thank you for your continued support of "DanMachi MEMORIA FREESE".