Tale: Is It Wrong to Pick Herbs in a Desert Island? Available!


■Event Period

03/25(Wed) 18:00 〜 04/15(Wed) 21:59 (PST)


Tale: Is It Wrong to Pick Herbs in a Desert Island? available!
Is It Wrong to Pick Herbs in a Desert Island? OVA has come to DanMemo as a tale event!
Collect items on the quests to earn luxurious items!

■What is a Tale?

A Tale is an event in which you can enjoy an original, long story.
The story is fully voiced.

Clear the quests and go for that 4★ Guaranteed 11 Draw Ticket!

By clearing quests 1-22 Crazy Journey Final Fight, on Normal you can earn an 11 Draw Ticket,
and on Very Hard you can earn a 4★ Gtd. 11 Draw Ticket!

Gather Event Items and Exchange them in the Exchange Shop!

Collect drop items Oint Mint, Curesanthemum and Betterinno Thyme and exchange them for luxurious items such as Hero Medal, Flame Amulet and Gnome Ticket.

There are three stages of difficulty: Normal, Hard and Very Hard.
You can earn more event items in higher difficulty Quests.
You can also use strong Supports in all difficulties.

There is a low drop rate for Hero Falna during Quest 1-22 Crazy Journey Final Fight!

Collect Desert Island Medal!

By collecting the monster drop item Desert Island Medal, you can draw for splendid items such as a 3★+ Gtd. Ticket from the Ais's Vacation Box!

○Please see here for more details about Ais's Vacation Box.

You can earn more Desert Island Medals in higher difficulty Quests.

Clear Time-ltd Missions and Receive Useful Items!

Time-ltd Missions have been added with the opening of Is It Wrong to Pick Herbs in a Desert Island?!
You can earn items such as Potato Snacks and Gnome Tickets from the Time-ltd Missions!
Don't miss this chance!
  1. The Exchange shop will be open until 04/22(Wed) 21:59 (PST).
    Please be aware that you will not be able to exchange Oint Mint, Curesanthemum or Betterinno Thyme after this period.
  2. The Ais's Vacation Box will be open until 04/22(Wed) 21:59 (PST).
    You will not be able to use Desert Island Medals after this period.

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