Heroic Trials Fate and Chance [Third] Available!


■Event Period

02/12(Wed) 18:00 〜 02/26(Wed) 21:59 (PST)


Heroic Trials Fate and Chance [Third] is available!
Heroic Trials is a High Difficulty Event in which you will fight against Tough Opponents.

Event Details

Collect an event item "Green Hero Medal" which you earn through battles and use them at the Exchange Shop to get "[Goblins] Jade Light"!
You can exchange [Goblins] Jade Light for Sword Maiden's [Hero of Six] Bond, Ryu Lion's [Elven Gale] Bond, or Amid Teasanare's [Priestess Image] Bond!
There are four stages of difficulty: Normal, Hard, Very Hard and Extra. There is a higher chance to earn items in higher difficulty quests.

Unlocking Stages
Stages can be unlocked for an hour at any time by using "Challenge Orbs" or "(R)Challenge Orbs".

You can get "Challenge Orbs" from Seiros & Dulb Exchange.
"(R)Challenge Orb" x1 will be granted every midnight during the period of Heroic Trials.
※You can only have a maximum of 1 "(R)Challenge Orb" in your inventory.
  1. The Exchange shop will be open until 03/04(Wed) 21:59 (PST).
    Please be aware that you will not be able to exchange your event items after this period.
  2. Event items can only be used at the Event Exchange Shop for the corresponding event.
    These items will be gone after the closing of the Exchange shop.

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