Draw with Idol Medal! Event Gacha [Orario Popstars' Romantic Box] Available!


■Event Period

10/23(Wed)18:00 〜 11/27(Wed)21:59 (PST)


Use "Idol Medal", which you can earn through an event "New Generation Pop Stars" to draw from "Orario Popstars' Romantic Box". You can draw this box once for 10 Medals.
※Event [New Generation Pop Stars] runs from 10/23(Wed)18:00 〜 11/20(Wed)21:59 (PST).

■Crafting Weapons

You will be able to get crafting materials for 4★ Faithful Rod, 4★ P. Faithful Rod, and 4★ Regal Force from this Orario Popstars' Romantic Box!
Equipment Required Amount Corresponding Unit
Faithful Rod "Rare Wood" ×5
"Pure Pearl" ×4
P. Faithful Rod "Rare Wood" ×5
"Pure Pearl" ×4
Regal Force "Gold Ore" ×5
"Platinum String" ×4
※It is possible to equip the above equipment with other Units, however,
when the corresponding Units equip it, it will show their true potential.

※Crafting can be unlocked by clearing [Bell Episode 21-9 To The Middle Floors].
※"Rare Wood" and "Gold Ore" can be earned from the Crafting Quests.

●Limit of Earnable Amount
Some items have a limit to earnable amount (Limited), while some items do not (Unlimited).

●Item Lineup
You can proceed to the next Lineup of the event Gacha by resetting the gacha.
Gacha can be reset if you earn items with limit to earnable amount.
Earnable items and Gacha Item Rate will change depending on the Lineup.

Every time you draw the Event Gacha, Gacha Item Rate for limited items will increase and Unlimited items will decrease.
The Gacha Item Rate of Limited Items will increase by 0.01%/1 Draw (up to 300 draw per Lineup).
The increased Gacha Item Rate will reset if you reset and proceed to the next Lineup.
  1. Rates are truncated to 3 decimal places.
  2. The Gacha Item Rate will not change if all Limited items in the current Lineup have been drawn.
  3. The Gacha Item Rate of Limited Items will only increase until the 15th Lineup.
  4. After the event is over, you can access [Orario Popstars' Romantic Box] from [Shop > Event Exchange > "New Generation Pop Stars"].
    Please be aware that you will not be able to use "Idol Medal" once this period is over.
  5. If you earn the maximum amount of Limited Items, the rest of the Gacha Item Rate for that item will be assigned to other items.

Thank you for your continued support of "DanMachi MEMORIA FREESE".