Tale [New Generation Pop Stars] Available!


■Event Period

10/23(Wed)18:00 〜 11/20(Wed)21:59 (PST)


Tale "New Generation Pop Stars" is available!

By clearing quests, you can obtain "4★ [Producer] Hermes" and a "[Producer] Bond"!
Clear quests and earn luxurious items!

■What is Tale?

A Tale is an event in which you can enjoy an original, long story.
The story is fully voiced.

Aim to Max. Limit Break 4★ [Producer] Hermes by clearing all quests in Very Hard!

You can earn a maximum of five [Producer] Bond by clearing all quests up to Very Hard difficulty!

You can Max. Limit Break 4★ [Producer] Hermes by using the total five "[Producer] Bond" for Hermes.
The status increase greatly when you Limit Break Units.

Gather Event Items and Exchange them in the Exchange Shop!

By collecting drop items: "Fanmail", "Cheering Fanmail" and "Sincere Fanmail ", you can exchange them for luxurious items such as "Hero Medal", "Flame Amulet", "Hero Light" and "Gnome Ticket".

There are three stages of difficulty: Normal, Hard and Very Hard.
You can earn more event items in higher difficulty Quests.
You can also use strong Supports in all difficulties.

There is a (low) chance of earning "Hero Falna" during Quest 1-26 "Showdown with a Surprise Cameo!"!

Collect "Idol Medal"!

By collecting monster drop items "Idol Medal", you can get luxurious items such as a "3★+ Gtd. Ticket" and CP UP Items from the [Orario Popstars' Romantic Box]!

Please see here for more details about the [Orario Popstars' Romantic Box].

You can earn more "Idol Medal" in higher difficulty Quests.

Clear a Time-ltd Mission and receive useful items!

Time-ltd Missions have been added with the Tale [New Generation Pop Stars]!
You can earn items such as "Potato Snacks" and "Gnome Tickets" from the Time-ltd Missions!

  1. The exchange shop will be open until 11/27(Wed)21:59 (PST).
    Please be aware that you will not be able to exchange "Fanmail", "Cheering Fanmail" and "Sincere Fanmail" after this date.
  2. [Orario Popstars' Romantic Box] will be open until 11/27(Wed)21:59 (PST).
    You will not be able to use "Idol Medal" after this date.
  3. You can earn 50 Seiros by selling [Producer] Bond, but you cannot earn Dulb.

Thank you for your continued support of "DanMachi MEMORIA FREESE".