About the Update on 9/18(Wed)

An update on 9/18 (Wed) will include the additional data below.

・New Units and a new Event are added
・Exchange Items are added to Seiros & Dulb Exchange
・4★ Adventurer Exchange 4★ Assist Exchange
・Lineup of below Ticket Gacha will be revised
 Above 2★ Ticket Gacha
 Above 3★ Ticket Gacha
 4★ Guaranteed Ticket Gacha
 Start-Dash 11 Draw Ticket Gacha
 11 Draw Ticket Gacha
 ★4 Guaranteed 11 Draw Ticket Gacha
※Revision of the lineup of Seiros & Dulb Exchange, 4★ Adventurer Exchange, 4★ Assist Exchange, and Ticket Gacha
will be available after 9/18(Wed) 18:00 (PST).

■Added Features, Resolved Issues, & Improvements
・Minor issues and display issues are fixed.

※An update is scheduled to be ready on 9/18(Wed)17:00 (PST).
When an Update is required, the application will start downloading the data when [Tap to Start] is tapped on the Title Screen.
If Hero Charms or Orbs to unlock Quests are used during the Update, the downloading time may interfere with the time the Quest is unlocked.
Please be aware of this when using Hero Charms or Orbs during this time.
※A Wi-Fi environment is recommended when updating.

We will continue to add and improve functions and fix any issues.
Thank you for your continued support of "DanMachi MEMORIA FREESE".