ver.8.1.0 Update Introduction

Details of the Version 8.1.0 Updated Released on 8/27(Tue)!


■A feature to sell multiple bonds at once is implemented.

A feature to sell bonds for 2★ and 3★ Units at once has been implemented.
Choose "Sell All" to sell all the Bonds for the selected Unit, and choose "Sell Surplus" to only sell excessive amounts of Bonds that are worth more than five Limit Breaks.
Please use this feature effectively.

■Familia Chat has been added!

Text chat feature for the Familia has been implemented.

■Long pressing + or - button counts as constant entries.

You can increase and decrease amounts of items by long pressing + or - button.


・Feature to skip Dispatch Quest animations is added.
・Other minor issues and display issues are fixed.

We will continue to add and improve our game and resolve any issues.

Thank you for your continued support of "DanMachi MEMORIA FREESE".